RESO Pay Bills 22-01

RESO New Year Start Up 2022 (Reso_22-02 to 22-18)

Reso 22-19 to 22-29 (Reorganize 2022)

Reso 22-30-R Emergency Appropriation forRepairs to Marine One (Voided 11-21-2022)

RESO 22-31 Reso to Amend 2022 Budget (002) Signed

Reso 22-32 Establishing the Compensation for Members of the Board of Fire Commissioners (Signed)

Reso 22-33 Approving the Proposed 2023 Annual Budget

Reso 23-34 Adopting the Proposed 2023 Annual Budget

Reso 22-35 Authorizing Appointment of Financial Data Specialist for the remainder of 2022-2023 executed

Reso 22-36 Cost of Living (CPI) Adjustments Applicable to LOSAP