RESO Pay Bills 23-01

Reso 23-02 Adoption of Temporary Budfget for 2023

Reso 23-03 Providing for an Automatic Consumer Price Index (CPI) Annual Adjustment to LOSAP

Reso 23-04 Airpower International Inc (Breathing Airy System Testing & Maintenance) Contract 2023

Reso 23-05 Aerial Testing Company (Ground Ladder and Aerial Device Testing) Contract 2023

Reso 23-06 Bieber’s Lawn Service (Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance) Contract 2023

Reso 23-07 Bieber’s Lawn Service (Snow plowing services on demand) Contract 2023

Reso 23-08 CM-3 Building Solutions (HVAC Maintenance) Contract 2023

Reso 23-09 Modern Group Power Systems (Generator Servicie & Maintenance) Contract 2023

Reso 23-10 Fire & Safety Services Ltd. (Maintenance Service pumpers-aerial-fire boat) Contract 2023

Reso 23-11 Rich Fire Protection (Service & Inspection for Fire Suppression System) Contract 2023

Reso 23-12 Western Pest Services Inc. (Pest Elimination) Contract 2023

Resp 23-13 Electronic Measurement Labs (Calibration of Air Monitors Contract 2023

Reso 23-14 Mistras Asset Protection Solutions Pump & Hose Testing Contract 2023

Reso 23-15 Comfortnow (Polar Bear) Mechanical Services Refrigeration Maintenance Contract 2023

Reso 23-16 Vector Securety Co. (Alarm Maintenance) Contract 2023

Reso 23-17 ESI Equipment Inc. (Holmatro Rescue Equipment Service Contract 2023

Reso 23-18 Barber Consulting MIS Services Contract 2023

Reso 23-19 CM3 Buildinng Solutions HVAC Service Contract 2023 signed

Reso 23-20 Designating Surety Bonding for Treasureer, Etc.

Reso 23-21 Designation of Official Newspapers for Publication 2023-2024

Reso 23-22 Authorizing Approval and Payment of Claims

Reso 23-23 Adoption of Cash Management Plan

Reso 23-24 Authorizing Appointment of Auditor for 2023-2024 Year

Reso 23-25 Authorizing Appointment of Auditor for LOSAP for 2023-2024 Year

Reso 23-26 Authorizing Appointment of Attorney for 2023-2024 Year

Reso 23-27 Authorizing Regular Meeting Schedule for the 2023-2024 Year

Reso 23-28 Authorizing Financial Data specialist for the Year 2023-2024

Reso 23-29 Reorganization of Commissioneers Assignments for the Year 2023-2024